What would you do If your Baby Sitter Forced your Children to pick roaches out their cereal and eat them? #scrapsmusic

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ScRAP Too Gutta’ (Lyric’s)

He Was 7 years old.

Stealing Blunts from his babysitter.

Who was drunk and passed out on tha couch

in a blouse that should’a been

a little bit bigger!!!

He said “when I grow Up”

He Said “when I get Biggah!

I’m Moving Up, Up Out Tha Hood

I dont Know Why The fuck

We Live Here?”

He’s an unwanted heathen

Slangn Rocks at the light fixtures

He never sits still or

Smiles in None of his


He’s so misunderstood

but looka round

n go figure

That’s kinda what happens

when you grow up

without your father figure.

Barley started grade school

and already just a

product of his environment

breaking in to old people’s homes

and fucking up their


Till One day the government sent

a social worker to the house

at first the boy was smart yeah

first he wouldn’t come out

till she handed him a big bag of candy

told him to get in the car

then she snatch that candy back

soon as she shift outa park.

and he watch his mommy

cry threw the back window

and he watched his mommy

and cried out the back window!


“Yeah they’d rather turn us on each other

and teach us to hate one another

cuz they know that if we all came together

we could bring them right down

to tha gutta.” (4x)


Growing up he didn’t have nice shit

he remembers picking roaches up out his bowl of kix’s

he’s all grown up now and hes got his own kid’s

over his dead body will they ever

endure what he did.

He’s working three jobs

there’s no time to be board

if there were more hours n a day

then he’d probley have four.

All he do is work

he ant got time for nothing else

working harder working smarter

don’t expect no help.

He been down for so long

yawl forgot he fell

tho he been plotting a scheming

and dreaming of ways up out this hell

tho he’ll probley work em self to death.

this ant the land of the free

this is the land of in debt.

If you don’t believe me man

just ask a vet.

go to war for this country

and be reworded with neglect.

The rich get richer

and they drowned us in the mess.

We don’t see the bigger picture

cuz it’s over our heads!


“they’d rather turn us on each other

and teach us to hate one another

cuz they know that if we all came together

we could bring them rights down

to tha gutta

rather turn us on each other

yeah They’d rather turn us all against each other

yeah they’d rather teach us all to hate one another

cuz they know that f we all came to gutta

we could bring them right down to tha gutta! (2x)



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Disclaimer This is not video of a baby sitter making kids eat roaches

but a song about it and so much more, I apologize for any misunderstandings.















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