The shit storm is brewing with explosive diarrhea like a an overpriced draft on a Saturday night, Captain “shit head” is ready to drowned in a shit ocean. The air smells of swampy pussy, rotten used tampons, cheap lubricant, cotton balls and cigarettes. Such The perfect place for Captain shit head whome finds himself at this shit hole of a tavern, full of Shitty people, shitty beer and shitty service, its a shit apocalypses.

Captain Shit head is no stranger to shitty situations he once was tipped over while in a porta-potty that was tapped shut and drugged 17 shitty miles arround the country side until dropped off in shit creek unconscious…
3 hours latter captain shit head awakes to a herd of cows shitting on him. Captain Shitz a Lot himself as he is so scared of the massive bulls that he must hide in the shit to prevent the bulls from noticing he is there. 3 days in the bull shit was enough, captain shit head was ready to face the bull and get out of the shit swamp… To be continued

Every Share Helps
-The guy writing This Shit
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