No More Sunshine On Shit Mountain ?

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Two massive shit licking bulls rage on, in a Fiercely heroic fight over a shit oozing cow pussy. These greasy Shit Monsters ended up Killing the cow pussy in the process of Shitting on each other. Her gigantic Shit Splash awoke Captain Shit head, With a Shit Sunomi. The shit waters have rose, with shit tidal wave, after shit tidal wave, after shit tidal wave. The perfect arena for this shit apocalypses surf competition or in this case, bull shit or should i say shit bull?
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Both of The mighty Shit Bulls blamed the other for the death of their shitty cow pussy and fought till they both drowned in shit. Now swimming in Cow Shit again. Captain Shit head has his opportunity to take a little shit. “It never hurt no one” he thought as he shit a lil more. The winds of the shit apocalypses breeze by wit a shitty and desperate feeling of constipation.
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Captain Shit head Found Himself now Walking Threw a shit Forest With Worms Crawling outa his freshly taken shit. He noticed The smell of sweaty balls, Vaseline and corn dogs. He knew it would over throw all the poor noses whome come into contact with such a shitty aroma. Captain shit head is unfortunately lucky enough to be strong enough with the shit force to be capable of embracing such a shit fragrance. “I could eat shit for breakfast” he says as it rains diarrhea and vaginal discharged hail.
There is no sunshine on shit mountain today…
To Be Continued.

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