The Courageous shit ahead of curious captain Shit head is the most exquisite of all documented shits ever shit while teaching a yoga class. Captain Shit Head is a outstanding leader in this new found world ordered, Shit apocalypse. It all started because as a wee little boy he was shitting enormous amounts of Shit on himself. Shitting it out at far above average rate and even on commanded demand. Captain shit head was the mightiest shitter of all the lil shits in his class

Captain Shit Head was soon shitting his was up the ranks. By age 11 he was shitting sometimes 25 times a day. Eagerly Captain Shit Head convinced others to follow suit in his shitty, shitting ways and soon there was nobody doing anything but shitting themselves consistantly.
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The Shit is out of control

To say the least on such a dark childhood memories, it’s kinda like shit in a chocolate blizzard and nobody told you till after you drank the entire shit blizzard. Then some lil shit face tells you to Expect to have shit chips stuck in your gums and teeth for the next several weeks. He Also sarcastically recommend not eating shit next time!

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That was nearly 20 years ago. Now today we have a much different world. The Winds Carrie Diarrhea spewing Flees, Ticks and leaches accost the country side sumthing like a cool breeze on a hot blistering nipple.

“The Way the sun shined on that shit was priceless.”

“Its such a beautiful day, for the shit apocalypse”

Those were Captain Shit heads last thoughts before shit face put a bullet threw shit heads skull and splattered shit and brains everywhere while singing the barney theme song. ” call me captain shit face” …


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ScRAP’s Most Recent Upload

-This is part three make sure you check out 1 and 2 so you can follow the sh Ty Stories, Thanks.

Sincerely -The guy writing this shit

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