honestly forgot i started writting this shit.. but lucky for me shitty situations never end.

It was a new day for shit mountain. Ecstatically all the shit creatures gather their shit together and offered their warm shit to their shit goddess. The sweet sound of bird shit hitting the windows followed by the smell of a dead mans value movement struck the nose of a young shit eater lika shitty napkin tha breaks off with your snot sticking to your nose and crumbling like a shit take by a person whom only consumes cottage cheese! This Shit is not a sight for the weak stomach. “This shit monstrosity has gone too far” said the shit patrol as they made their way down shit high way, off route shitty shix. “All this shit for all these years and we still cant get shit right.” said shit officer squats “i honestly don’t give a shit about shit at all” replied captain shit face from the back seat. “Really I bathed in captain shit head’s shit, blood and guttz. Then i wrapped myself in his intestines. had them stretched across my lap like a ccomfy shit blanket.” eagerly excited and passionately captain shit head continued he told the officer ” I’m the type of sight tha makes ya shit ya self, and on others while running then slipping in your own shit. That’s exactly how i catch all my victims. After i shit in their eyes, i eat their shit. Then i force feed them my own shit for every meal, shit. 3 times a day, till death do them part!!!…” laughing uncontrollably he banged his head against the window continuously like he liked it more than sex with shit which is his favorite type of shit to serve. ” My head and this window are fucking” he said as he paused for a moment then began banging it againt the window again even harder and faster ” I could do this shit all night”…

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bang! bang! bang! “the blood makes for a great lubricant!” Bang Bang Bang! Shit face continued the bang the window. As the cruiser made it’s way down the high way, swerving like a drunk pimp into the intersection. The shit obsessed officer drops his shitty e cig. Ironically he began shitting as Out of no were a shit hauling semi smashes into the shit patrol cruiser. The impact instantly released their valves. the wreck wound up killing shit face and both of the shitty officers in a horrific devastating display of blood splatter and shit. Their shitty situation made the head lines.”shit like this happens all the time” said the news reporter, first on the scene. “its a shitty day for shitvill USA but really who gives a shit? In other shit new… The sun still shines on shit mountain.”



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